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Solutions and strategies to find the right path in complex litigation and restructuring, judicial or otherwise, complex situations involving illiquid or encumbered assets and credits.

Debt restructuring, insolvency and judicial reorganization actions are becoming increasingly complex in Brazil, requiring quick, assertive and strategic solutions. It is with that in mind that we work in the defense of the interests of our customers, anticipating scenarios and assigning a team of well-reputed experts in the domestic and international market.

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  • Strategic counsel and legal opinions in line with the indebtedness profile of companies
  • Multidisciplinary counsel for companies in a situation of economic and financial crisis setting up for judicial or extrajudicial reorganization
  • Work in legal actions involving creditors of all kinds
  • Preparation of corporate restructuring plans
  • Preparation of plans for the holding of creditors’ meeting
  • Financial crises management
  • Representation in judicial and extrajudicial reorganization proceedings
  • Judicial or extrajudicial representation in negotiations with creditors
  • Counseling clients in the stage prior to legal action, either by advising on negotiations or defining the strategy to be followed in judicial or arbitration proceedings
  • Strategic judicial and arbitration litigation involving business matters
  • Strategic judicial disputes and arbitrations related to business contracts, as well as corporate and capital market disputes
  • Litigation related to credits and debts in defense of debtor’s and/or creditor’s interests in all aspects of Banking Law
  • Representation of companies, cooperative corporations and individuals in disputes related to credit recovery and collection of liabilities
  • Counsel on dissolution of companies, accountability of officers, breaches of agreements and corporate contracts, defense of the interests of investment fund shareholders and accountability/defense of capital market agents (officers, managers and custodians)
  • Support in obtaining financial or equity resources to settle undertaken obligations and default
  • Assistance in special credit situations such as court-issued registered warrant, non-performing credits, judicial and arbitration credit rights
  • Preparation of legal due diligence reports and opinions on lawsuits and legal arguments discussed for the demonstration of feasibility and risks of operations
  • Preparation of instruments to formalize operations for the purchase of assets
  • Representation of investment funds and investment banks after the purchase of assets
  • Assistance in obtaining the liquidation of credits acquired in the judicial, arbitration and administrative realms


Meet the team of lawyers of Lollato Lopes Rangel Ribeiro Advogados and its founders.



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